City Life Competition – The new gate to City Life, Milan

Project title: City Life Competition – Lots Rd – Re and Domodossola axis, Milan
Client: BIG – Generali Real Estate

PROJECT Offices, hotel, lounge bar/restaurant
COLLABORATORS Atelier Verticale, Ramboll, GAD, Systematica
LOCATION Milan – Italy
AREA 53.500 m2
COST confidential
STATUS Competition completed, in progress

The competition relates to the property developments of lots Rd and Re, including external landscaping and layout of the Domodossola axis.

Generali Real Estate has selected BIG to complete City Life district with the “Portico”: a development with workspace and public amenities designed on the last two remaining plots of the CityLife Masterplan.

“The City Life brief asks for a tower, however, with the presence of three iconic towers in close adjacency, there is a unique opportunity to both be respectful of the current condition while at the same time creating something bold and new. Instead of competing with the existing context, we sought to complete it.”BIG


Local and Executive Architect